The little boy loved shelter cats and helped his mom to feed all of them

The boy called Sam loves cats. Most children accept them as living toys but this boy looks after them with great attention. San also fed the kitten with a bottle.

Everything started when Sam’s mother Lacy took little cats from the shelter and started to look after them temporarily. The family from California always helped cats from shelters.

Later they understood that it was the greatest idea of their life, Lacy admitted.
Sam was so excited when the cats appeared in the house. He was amazed when first saw them.

He started to examine and understand what they were. The kittens were too small and were like toys.
The mother did not allow Sam to keep the cats at first. She was scared that he could accidentally hurt them.

But Sam was very careful with them. He did everything to please the babies. Sam always stroked the fur with his little fingers.

And it was already usual that Sam started to communicate with the cats. Sam adored them all. He loved the kittens and the cats loved him too. Such a unique friendship.

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