The little boy asked for help to show his toys

The 4 years old boy asked the police to listen to him. This happened in New Zealand. But his call was not for an emergency but to show them his toy.

So, the police came to his home and the boy asked them to take a photo with him.
The police later shared the story on their Facebook page.

The little boy called an emergency and asked them to come to their house.
The kid wanted to play with them.

The boy called and told them that he had some games and wanted to play with them.
The kind police came to their house for this.

Later, the mother said that she was shocked and did not know how her son did it.
‘I lost the moment when he took the phone and called the police’ she said.

Luckily, this story had happy endings as the operator was kind and explained the situation to his coworkers and they decided to make the boy happy.

So, the man came to his house, they played together and also took a picture.
Children are sweet but at the same time very unpredictable creatures.

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