The lion broke all the laws and raised his son after the mother has died

The mother, Rachel, recently gave birth to a lion cub. She was 14 years old and from the animals’ standards, she was already an old woman.
After some months the mother died.

It was a terrible day for the zoo.
The staff was also concerned about the cub’s fate.

In the wild, fathers do not participate in raising their babies.
But the baby was sent to his dad named Wallace.

And he took the responsibility of raising the baby. All the staff was surprised by this.
Khari started to sleep with his dad.

The staff also could not raise the baby so if the father did not do so the baby would soon die.
But the father broke all the rules and surprised everyone. He was the most caring father.

They were inseparable for a long time.
The father was calm and often played with his son.

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