The leopard was fallen into the well and the monkey family helped it to get out from there

The poor leopard suddenly fell into the well as it did not notice it. The monkey family saved his life. The kindness helped the poor animal to survive. But it’s rare to see herbivores saving predators. So, this story is a surprise.

When the monkey noticed the leopard they surrounded the wall and shouted, this made people come and see what happened.

It was hard to get him out from there as the well was so deep. But they used a long ladder for this.
The poor animal was afraid and when he was already out he hurried to the jungle.

So, the monkey family did not stay indifferent and saved lives. Kindness will save the world.
Here, you can see the amazing moments of the family who saved the animal. People were also surprised by seeing this. Thanks to the family, the animal was alive.

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