The kitten’s wish to stay with the people that saved his life came true

Not more than a week old kittens were brought to the shelter called Montreal. At this age, babies need on-time feeding, so the volunteers of the shelter took a kitten each to take care of each.

Among the babies, there was one with a red fluff. He was very weak.

Jess, who was a skilled rescuer was assigned to help the poor kitten. She took the small one home with her and provided all day long care.

She wasn’t sure that the small kitten would survive but didn’t give up. Fortunately, the kitten’s condition got better each day.

The cat was later named Marsik. As soon as he was feeling well, he started to swallow on his own and was trying to finish all the food he was given.

Once the cat managed to stand on his paws, one of the volunteers- Coraline, took the kitten home. The girl was carrying Marsik in a large comfy pocket, to not miss his next feeding.

The girl had no idea how to keep a cat. However, the kitten managed to get into the family members’ hearts very quickly. Marsik didn’t want to leave the house and wished to stay with them.

Nowadays, Marsik lives with Coraline and her family and is quite happy.

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