The kittens survived together and became inseparable

The babies were brought to us 2 so there is a chance to choose among them. They were twins and they suggested we take both of them but I was horrified to take such a responsibility.

The babies need care and treatment. And I did not know how to act in this case.
It’s not easy for animals to accept new people. A time needed for their adoption. But this case was different.

When I saw them they went into my arms and started to kiss me.
After that, they fell asleep. They were so cute.

The babies are waiting for their mothers. It was obvious that they stayed hungry for a long time.
They did everything together and were inseparable. It would be hard to part them away. So, I decided to adopt them both.

The babies looked at us for a long time. And every time they opened their eyes they wanted to be sure that we were next to them.
We made the right decision to adopt them both. They could not survive without each other.

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