The kiteen wanted hugs from his owner each morning for about ten years

The woman called Finis Linderman saved a kitten about ten yars ago and became his dad. He named the animal Tigger.

The woman took him home and decided to keep him forever. After two months she moved and Tigger left with her dad.

Tigger did not want to separate from the man.
‘I got to work every day at 8 o’clock and Tigger came to my lap at 7.30’ he said.

It seemed that the cat understood everything and had the same feelings as the man had.
When the man returned home during lunchtime he was already waiting for him.

When the cat eats his food he jumps on the man’s lap and wants a hug.
And sometimes he falls asleep at that time.

The man waits for him to wake up every time he sleeps.
He always followed the man around the house and they never separated

Two years ago when the men went on a business trip the cat was worried till he came back. After that, the man decided to take him on such trips.

He could sit in his arms all day and never get tired.
The animal was left without maternal love but then found such a caring owner.
He is very lucky to have such a family.

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