The kind woman rescued a small alpaca and gave her a new place to live

Ronja Pohl once noticed a little alpaca on their neighboring farm and it won her heart.
The poor animal’s hind legs were damaged during birth.

But now she wanted to prove to everyone about her strong character. Also, she did not give up and continued fighting for her life.

Ronja also decided to help the baby and took her to the farm.
She named her Marie but got bad news from one of the doctors.

They could not save her one leg.
After operating, doctors give the owner the contacts of the wheelchair-producing company.

She immediately contacted the company. So, they built a special wheelchair that she could easily move with.

Now the baby is happy moving to the farm. She sometimes forgets about her disability and plays with other animals.

She is independent and solves her problems alone. She will never give up and will soon feel even better.

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