The kind woman reduced the number of animals who were going to be euthanased

A woman named Kayla Denny dedicated her life to helping animals. When she was in Texas she knew that everything was going to be hard. Many people came there to stay the last days of their lives.

The building didn’t even have electricity.
All the animals looked sad and desperate. And she wanted to change the reality.

Once, she met the Police Chief and they found out that they both have the same aim. To change the place from dying to a living place.

Kayla found people who wanted to help animals. More than 3,000 volunteers were gathered. They made many donations.

Kayla also received a reward for her actions.
This inspired many people to join their program.

Eventually, many animals survived.
And this was a great success.

Kayla was thankful to everyone who helped her. She now had many funds that all are going to be used for animals.
She aimed to make animals happy.

Her act was worth praising.

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