The kind woman adopted 26 animals and turned her home into a special center for animals

A woman named Nicole Wulfekule devoted her life to saving disabled animals and transformed her home into a shelter.
She helps animals in need and gives them a second chance. She helped many animals who were going to be euthanized.

She started her career with a blind kitten. After helping it she decided to open a shelter and help as many animals as possible.
She found the cats when she went to pick them up. So, by noticing the kitten she could not stay indifferent and decided to take it.

It was the first animal to be saved by her.
Since 2016, the woman has already helped 26 animals including a cat named Belle who could move only with the help of wheelchairs.

Now, overall 20 cats, dogs, and goats are living with her.
She named her shelter in honor of one of her animals whom she saved but soon it died because of an attack.

The kind woman wanted to show everyone that animals have the right to live and we should help them if we could.
Her act deserves praise.

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