The kind nurse took care of one of her patient’s dogs so he did not send to a shelter

Finding a new home for the animal is hard especially when the owner passed away.
The animal should not only overcome the pain of loss but also find someone who could love them.

This is so difficult but this dog managed to find a kind person.
Kim Still is working in a hospital. One of her patients was almost dead.

And when the woman felt this she was worried about her pet. So, what would happen to her after her death?

She did not have anyone who would take care of Jax after her death.
Kim was also concerned about the pet’s fate.

Constantly thinking about this she made a great decision. So, she would adopt the pet.
So, she adopted Jax and wanted to provide him with the best life.

The patient now knows that the pet is in safe hands.
And for Kim, this is the only thing that she could do for the dying woman.

Kim said that the woman changed her life and so she wanted to help her in return for her help.
‘So, I will do my best to help the dog overcome the loss and have a safe life’ she said.

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