The kind millionaire spent lots of money to turn the slaughterhouse into a dog sanctuary

How would you spend your money when you were a millionaire? Most probably you would buy villas or care. But this kind man made a great choice. He helped many animals to survive.

A man called Wang Yan had a successful business in China. But money could not replace his dog who had recently been lost.

The man looked for all possible places but could not find him. Someone suggested that he go to the slaughterhouse.
The city had so many abandoned animals and visiting there helped him to make an important decision. All animals were suffering and alone.

The man did not find his pet there he decided to do something amazing, He burned the slaughterhouse into a sanctuary.

We did not know how much money was spent on overall costs, but only the building was about $400,000.
And he would never forget his kind act.

Many animals were brought to the shelter and many of them were also adopted.
So, he did a great thing for animals.

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