The kind man took a cat from the shelter and now the cat always cuddles with him

This story will make you believe in love that exists among a cat and a human.
The man named Luke adopted a homeless cat and gave him home and love.

The pet loved the man so much that always hugged him and expressed his gratitude.
‘When we took him he and his sister were 3 months old’ said the man.

And this creature looked for milk by falling on my neck.
‘The baby was separated from his mom when he was newborn and now I am his mother’ said Luke.

They became best friends from the moment they met.
‘He wants to play with me and spend his whole day with me’ he continued.

They love hugging each other and expressing their love.
His sister named Cupcake is also a cute baby.

The first thing we do by getting home is hugging each other.
There is an amazing connection between us.

So, the life of the cats was changed when this kind man decided to adopt them.

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