The kind man looked for all the possible places to return the babies to their mother

The man was coming back home from work. The path left him at an abandoned house where strange noises were coming. So, he followed the sound and finally found 7 puppies. All were so small as they were newborns.

And most probably they were crying because of hunger. They were all alone and their mother was not there. So, the man could not stay indifferent. But he thought that the mother was probably wandering and would return to her babies.

Most probably, she is looking for food, thought the man.
So, taking the puppies would not be a good idea. He gave them milk and left.

But the next day they were still there and were crying. And the mother was not there again. So, he understood that he had to look after the babies. And should help the family reunite.

He asked her friend to help find the mother.
After some hours they found the mother who was lost.
Finally, the family has reunited thanks to this kind man.

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