The kind man adopted the dog with a tumor and gave him lots of love

The poor dog had a brain tumor and the man wanted to give his love to the dog and be sure that he is feeling good in the last days of his life.
A man named Lucino Karosas once adopted a dog.

The puppy whom he decided on was rejected by everyone because of his tumor. So, the poor animal left a few to live.
So, the young man wanted to adopt him and surrounded him with love as he is living the last days of his life.

The animal had a family when they found out about his cancer. So, the family could no longer look after the animal and they sent him back to the shelter.

Several families came to take him but no one managed to overcome the difficulties with the poor creature. So, he came back to the shelter every time.

And now he, fortunately, met Luciano.
The man did his best to save his life by taking him to several doctors. But unfortunately, all his efforts were to avail.

There was no treatment to cure the dog.
So, what is left to do is to take care of the animal in the last days of his life. And the man managed to do so. His act is worth praising.

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