The kind girl pretended to be injured to help a poor animal

People often think of different ways to help poor animals. And this story is about a creative girl who saved an abused animal.
And she made great efforts to do so.

Dylan Parkinson and Amanda Guarascia did their best to help the dog. They were shocked when they saw what the animal looked like.
The animal refused to approach them and ate any food.

So, they brought hotdogs to befriend the dog.
But, the poor dog again refused to eat. He did not want anyone to come closer to him. So, after many trials, they left the animal.

When they were on their way home, Amanda came up with a great idea.
So, they came back the next day and the animal was again there.

Amanda pretended to be injured and calmly got closer to the dog.
When they were closer Amanda cuddled the animal. And she managed to take him to the hospital.

So, after some time, the animal found a permanent home. Due to this couple, the dog was now happy and enjoys his life.
The couple helps the animal to make his dream come true.

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