The kind girl came to the shelter and asked to give her the saddest dog

This story proves that money cannot buy friendship.
The girl named Elina went to the shelter and wanted to adopt a dog.

She wanted to take the most unfortunate dog that spent a lot of time in the shelter.
Her mother was amazed by her attitude and kindness.

She understood that young puppies compared to adult ones are more likely to be adopted.
The dog returned to the shelter after 3 years because of his aggressive behavior.

He was considered problematic and sent back to the shelter.
And the girl thought that the girl lost hope of finding owners again.

And he looked at everyone with eyes filled with gratitude.
Now, he is affectionate and joyful.

He never forgot who saved him and often kissed and hugged the girl. Thanks to this kind girl he is now a calm pet and loyal friend.

The girl was too young but she made a wise choice.

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