The kind girl came to the shelter and asked the most unhappy dog

This story proves that real friendship does exist.
The little girl named Elina wanted to adopt a pet from the shelter.

The girl did not wonder how the dog would look. She wanted to adopt the most unhappy dog who stayed at the shelter for a long time.


Her mother was touched by her decision. She agreed with her as she thought that young puppies are less likely to be adopted.

The girl returned home with a large dog. The dog was considered to be aggressive and because of this he stayed there for a long time and no one wanted to adopt him.

Elina believed that he could not find owners.
The dog was calm and his eyes were full of gratitude.

Now, he often kisses and hugs all family members.
And he turned out to be a very calm and loyal friend.

The girl was so little but she made a wise choice.
Thanks to her, the dog now has a home and loving owners.

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