The kind cat saved a baby who was in a small box

Kindness is always appreciated.
And sometimes animals do kindness and save our lives.

Animals understand our feelings very well and always help us to overcome difficulties. They feel our emotions like no one else.
This story is about a cat who became a hero in their city. The cat saved a baby.

Once the cat called her owner for help. She did not stop meowing and the woman decided to find out what happened.
When she opened the door she saw the cat was sitting near the box. The woman did not know what was inside.

When she approached the box she found a baby inside it. It seemed that the cat protected the baby with her body till someone would help.
The woman took the baby to the hospital. The animal tried to run with the car.

This was a heroic act. The animal saved the baby. She could not stay indifferent when she felt that the baby was in trouble.
Many people did not even notice the box but the cat saved the little boy.
She is worth praising.

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