The Japanese woman with one arm plays the violin and amazes everyone

This woman with one hand played the violin and amazed everyone. The woman had a prosthesis with which she attached the bow.
But if you did not see her in reality you will hardly believe that the music is performed by the woman with one hand.

And that video gained too much popularity on social media.
Her limb was replaced by a prosthesis.

Before starting to play the woman always does warm-up exercises.
Many people thought that it was unreal to do so. But when she started to play all doubts disappeared.

She did it by moving her right shoulder. And an amazing melody was produced. Everyone was shocked. People filmed it and shared it on social media. During 5 days it gained thousands of views and shares.

Her name is Manami Ito. She likes playing music and also swimming. Now she is working as a nurse and is raising children.
This story proves that if you want something you will reach your goal.

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