The husky dragged the woman to the forest and it turned out there were 7 kittens

The woman called Whitney from Georgia Has 3 children and a husky called Banner. The woman could not walk so the dog always helps her with everything.

They are inseparable friends and the woman always understands what the dog wants to say to her.
Once Banner started to behave unusually and the woman understood that something was wrong.

The dog jumped on the woman and started to bark loudly.
Banner had never had anything like this before.

The dog always behaved calmly but now she no longer obeyed the commands.
So, the woman decided to follow the dog to understand what happened to her.

Banner led her to the woods and disappeared into the bushes. Whitney later noticed a box.
Banner brought kittens from the box. The woman was so scared as the kittens were silent and cold.

But fortunately, they were alive. Whitney did not know how the dog found them.
The dog took the cat from the box and gave it to the woman.

The woman without hesitation took them home and fed them.
The cats were too small and it seemed that they were born a couple of hours ago.

It’s hard to look after the babies but the woman did it.
The dog became a mother to the kittens. She did everything for them.

She spent the whole day with the babies and protected them from everything.
No one knows how and why the babies appeared in the forest in such a condition.

But thanks to the dog and the kind woman they are saved.

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