The husky cried all night as it could not get up on its paws

People were told about the dog who was in a situation that could not even move.
It was a young dog.

The husky breeds are special ones. How could locals sleep calmly at night while listening to the crying noises of the dow?
Kind people who got a call took the dog to the shelter.

The dog was injured and had some wounds.
Also, he could not stand on his paws.

But the examination did not show that his paws were damaged.
But he had 2 bullets in his spine.

They hoped that everything would be good with him and wanted to overcome their anxiety.
But the doctors believed that he could not walk.

So, they decided to operate the animal.
After an operation, it turned out that he had other problems as well.

So, he had to go through many difficulties.
But the animal died.
He was a joyful pet and we will always remember him.

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