The huge dog was on the roadside and the driver noticed her on time

This happened in Finland. The driver had to make the last lap. He was very tired but he knew that there was very little left.
There was no one at the last stop beside a huge dog who was on the road. The driver sits with the open doors.

It was strange as street dogs are rare in this city.
But this one did not look like a stray. She went to the salon and sat near the man.

From her behavior, it was obvious that the animal was not a street dog as it was not scared of people and it was easy to make contact with.
Most probably, the animal was lost.

But what happened to the animal was unknown.
So, the man took it to the parking lot and then contacted the animal center.

And thanks to his act the owners were found.
It became obvious that the dog ran away while they were walking.

It was scared of fireworks in the yard.
But now she is feeling well and is back at home.

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