The horse called Arthur finally found rest after being abused for about 30 years

Our kindness can mean everything to someone else. The horse called Arthur was needed help. The poor animal worked as a workhorse during his whole life.

The owner gave the poor animal to the hands of dealers. And the animal was shifted from dealer to dealer.
But luckily, he was not alone in such a difficult period. He met another horse named Max who had the same fate.

And they overcame the period together.
Then magic happened when the kind woman noticed the horses on a website.

The woman was a founder of the horse sanctuary farm so she could not stay indifferent.
She took them from Pennsylvania and shifted it to New Holland.

After such difficulties, the horses were afraid and very weak. But then everything changed. It took about two years to cure these horses.

Arthur and Max were always together and ready to help each other.
They are always together both in bad and good times.

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