The homeless man found a pocket but gave it back to the owner

An old man named Waralop once found a wallet but surprisingly he returned it to the owner.
And the owner turned out to be a successful businessman who thanked the man for his honesty.

The man was in a hurry when he suddenly lost his wallet.
His wallet was weighty but the homeless man took it to the police station without even opening it.

Even the police were surprised by this. Because he could easily take it and no one would even find him.

They easily found the owner who was a millionaire.
The man himself was surprised that the homeless man returned his wallet without opening it.

So, he decided to reward him for his honesty.
He provided a roof over the head of the man.

The homeless man accepted this and got a job with a high salary.
This story spread widely. And this homeless man became a hero in the city.

Now he is working and is so proud as his honest act changed his whole life.
Honesty and kindness will change the world.

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