The homeless dog lives 7 years in a field and begged people for help

The dogs named Inna and Zelda always lived near the farm.
The man could not take them home but also could not stay indifferent and finally decided to build a shelter for them.

He looked after them for about 7 years and hoped that they would soon have a better life.
But they also needed medical care but he could not prove to them that.

And it was magical how they survived in such conditions.
After some time houses began to be built in that area.

And new people living in the area started to complain about stray dogs.
So, they could not stay there anymore.

Soon, the workers arrived to take them.
So, they came closer to them. Inna gave her paw and asked for food.

It was surprising as he never allowed anyone to come closer to her except the man who fed them.
And she was happy at that moment.

Finally, her dream came true and she felt people’s care and attention.
Now they are in the organization where they get proper care and treatment. I Hope, they will soon find permanent owners.

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