The guy was blind and the moment when he wore the glasses for the first time was so touching

The little guy named Christian had vision problems.
He had the problem since birth.

Now he needs glasses to wear.
The problem was that there were no glasses designed for this little boy.

So, he could not wear regular glasses as they are too big.
And it might hurt the child.

So, his parents made a pair of soft plastic glasses so they could not fall off and hurt him.
Everyone wondered how he reacted.

At first, he resisted and did not want to wear it but when he wore it he realized that he looked completely different.

Now he can see.
Now he could experience many things that he could not before.

With the glasses, he sees a different life.
This was an important stage for his development.

Now he is the same as other children.
From his facial experience, it was obvious that he is happy.
See his cute reaction.

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