The guy saw a lonely dog at the gas station and thought it was lost

The guy noticed a Labrador at the gas station and thought it was lost.
But he had a collar that told that Dew just loved walking.

The photos of the dog appeared on social media and were widely spread. It got thousands of likes and when the owners opened a Facebook page for him.

The man named Tyler Wilson thought that the animal was left alone but when he read what was written in his medallion he understood that everything was good with him.

‘I am Dew and I like wandering in the streets, I am not lost’.
The man saw this and shared it on social media.

This went viral and made him a star.
He likes adventures.

And his owners decided to start a blog about their pet who enjoys having adventures.
The dog is living a happy life and he has everything he wants.

The family assures people that everything is good with him. The dog has a GPS and he will never get lost.

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