The guy left the door open and a dog in need came to him

People think deeply before adopting animals. And sometimes lucky animals found their families.
But many people have unique stories about how they got to know their pets.

A guy named Jack Jokinen once woke up and found a dog in his home. But he did not have any pets before.
His wife let him know that an unknown dog came to their house.

The dog was confused and no one knows how she ended up there. Also, the poor animal was wet and cold.
The man checked the windows and doors to see how she got there.

But they were closed. So, the couple decided to check the cameras.
It turned out that the wind opened the door and the dog came inside.

Passers saw the open door and closed it without knowing that the dog entered the house.
So, the couple could not drive the dog out.

Moreover, they took him to the hospital where it turned out that the poor animal had many injuries. So, the dog needed special care.

The dog was about 9 years old and did not have any chips. So, it was a stray dog.
The family treated the animal well and she turned out to be a cute girl.

So, they adopted the dog and named her Susie.
Now she looks well.

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