The guy jumped to the water to save the boy

It was a cold day when Vitaly was walking along the river.
And they heard cries. When they came closer they saw a woman who was asking for help.

Her son was on the water and could not swim. No one was there to help. The boy, without hesitation, took off his jacket and jumped into the water.

When Vitaly reached the baby he was already unconscious. Many people gathered at that time and one of them called an ambulance.

Later, they took him to the hospital.
Vitaly is feeling good. He later said that he acted on instinct.

‘There were 2 people who stood and just looked at the child drowning. So, I had to save him,’ said the man.
He hopes that the child will soon feel better.

He would do it again if needed.

Not every person is ready to endanger his life to save others.
His brave and kind act is worth praising.

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