The Great Dane called Thunder was so big that it is often considered to be a horse

Great Danes are considered to be the biggest dogs. The dog called Thunder from Canada is so big that it could compete with its owner.

He is 153 centimeters tall but if he stands on his 2 legs his height will reach up to 213 centimeters!
The animal is now weighing 95 kilograms.

And many people compare him with a horse.
Thunder is always at the center of everyone’s attention wherever he goes.

Although he is big, he is very kind and caring.
Thunder gets along well with everyone.

And he is so loved by other animals and people.
Fortunately, they live in a private house and also they have free space where they could play as much as they can.

The man also had other dogs who, compared with this one, seemed to be so small.
They all are very friendly to each other.

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