The grandmother helped the little wolf cub and the animal repaid her after 2 years

Animals never forget people who do kind deeds for them. They never forget how they were saved from disasters and who helped them. And this story is again something like this.

In the village, people heated their houses with woods that they gather during the summer.
So, as usual, the grandmother went to the forest for wood.

Then she suddenly heard crying noises and she saw a wolf cub. She felt sorry for the baby and helped the animal to free himself from the trap.

Also, she could not leave the animal in such a condition and decided to take him with her.
The woman did everything necessary for the cub when they were at home.

The animal lives with grandma for about 2 months.
And then he became completely healthy.

The woman was attached to the animal but she could not keep him anymore. The animal should be released into the wild.

Two years have passed since that. The grandma again went to the forest and then started to feel bad. She lost consciousness.
But when she opened her eyes she hugged her strongly.

She finally understood that it was the cub with her babies.
So, in such a way the animal wanted to thank the woman. And due to her, the woman was now feeling well.

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