The grandma had a wish to pet a penguin and finally, her dream came true

Everyone has dreams and they all are different. Some had a dream to travel to Paris, others to meet a celebrity, etc.
This woman had a dream since childhood. It was to pet a penguin and keep it in her arms.

On her 104th birthday, her dream came true.
The staff of the shelter who organized it agreed to do so on her birthday.

So, the penguin named Mr. Red Green was delivered but it needed to be safe and comfortable.
Everyone was overjoyed but he came to the party.

They even suggested the woman hold it in her arms. Everyone was surprised.
The woman could not believe that her dream had finally come true.

She thought that it could never happen.
Her family was happy to see the moment of their old grandma.
Thanks to the center that provided the animal to the woman, the old woman felt very happy and grateful.

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