The gorilla did not have kids and she was given a box of cats for her birthday gift

The gorilla called Coco amazed the whole world with her smartness. She has been living in the zoo since 1971. During the years she participated in many experiments conducted by scientists studying the level of their intelligence. And they managed to get satisfying results.

This gorilla was taught sign language and managed to use it. When someone stole her toy she showered her with insults. She also knew the meaning of 2000 words in English.

But unfortunately, she did not have children. And when she met other mothers with their eyes she looked at them with her sad eyes. So, the zoo staff decided to give her a present for her birthday. The gift was a small cat.

The gorilla was feeling the happiest at that moment. She took all the babies and hugged them.
At first, they were worried if she could harm them. But then everything went well. She was so careful with all of them.

So, the studies showed that her level of intelligence was about the same as humans.
And it became obvious that they also love cats and can be very gentle with them.

So, this gorilla was always given cats to raise.
The animal died in 2018 when she was 46 years old.

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