The good-looking cat becomes the parent of adorable baby kittens, each has one side of their dad

In 2018 the cat whose name was Narnia turned popular. It all took place cause of the cat’s unusual and captivating appearance.

Due to his face having two tones, he was been called two-faced. As it can be seen from the pictures his profile is bisected into two colors like grey and dark black.

Interestingly enough, the other bigger portion of the cat’s body is pure black. There’s also a white spot on the neck. His eyeballs are not the usual type too. They are light azure, though most cats from Narnia’s breed have yellow eyes.

Narnia has an Instagram account with more than 240 million followers. Stephanie Jiminez, the owner of Narnia, is a breeder. She loves cats, cause she finds them to be really cute.

She later shared precious news with the world that Narnia became a dad. The baby kittens have inherited their dad’s features, but separately. Surprisingly, both of their eyes are yellow. The mom of the kittens is pretty as well.

Scientists usually call the creatures alike Narnia chimeras. They have a couple of completely divergent collections of DNA, which is probably only if two embryos combine after conception. However, the owner did a genetic test on the cat and it turned out he is not a chimera. So the secret behind his infrequent features stays unsolved.

As claimed by Stephanie, Narnia is a wonderful dad. He takes his duty as a parent very seriously and plays with the kittens all day long.

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