The girls were mixed up in the hospital but mothers found a solution to this

Sometimes real life is more confusing than movies.
This happened with 2 girls in Italy named Melissa and Katarina.

The girls were mixed up in the hospital and they did not grow up with their biological parents for 3 years.

It was a mistake done by the hospital staff.
When Melissa’s mom came to take her daughter she saw a girl who resembled her.

And when she saw her mother she remembered that they gave birth together.
So, she started to suspect that the nurses mixed their babies.

They did a test and it confirmed her worries. So, now the mothers have a big problem.
But they did not want to stress their girl at the same time. So, they found a solution.

They raised them together and they started to live in the same house. And when the girls turned 8 years old, their mothers told them the reality of the nurses’ mistake.

The girls were not sad about it. They loved each other so much and have great relationships.
The only problem left was the re-registration of the documents.

The girls had 4 parents and this worked well in this case.
The family was connected and the mothers were happy to make the right decision.

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