The girl would be kidnapped if the dog was not there

The girl was walking with her dog when a man grabbed her arm. The man wanted to take the girl. But luckily the girl was with her pet and the loyal dog saved her life.

The dog bit the man’s arm. This scared the man and he let the girl go and ran away.
So, thanks to the dog the girl was saved.

Then, the police came to the scene.
The give described what the man looked like. He was tall and thin and his hair was brown. He wore light-colored pants.

So, the police started to investigate.
Let’s hope that soon they will find the man and he will be punished.

So, if the dog was not with the girl, the man would kidnap the girl.
This is not the first time that dogs prove their loyalty to their owners.
The girl’s parents were also grateful to their pet.

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