The girl was left alone because she was born without legs but now the whole world knows her

A girl called Jennifer was born without legs. Because of this and the difficulties with her health, her parents abandoned her.

But she was lucky. Soon, a married couple noticed her and adopted her.
The parents got prostheses for her and she never became used to them and could not walk with them.

So, the girl started to walk in her hands.
The girl has an idol whom she always followed.

She followed all her activities and later her parents found out that her biological parents’ name was Moceanu. The same as her idol’s surname. And that means that they were relatives.

Later, it also became obvious that her father forced her mother to leave the girl in the hospital.
Jen accepts that she keeps in touch with her biological mother.

Jen has willpower that made her be engaged in acrobatics even in such a condition.
Also, she led a YouTube channel and shared various stories from her life.

After some years, she met her love and they got married.
Now she is entirely happy and amazed everyone with her great achievements.

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