The girl was kidnapped and never found, but many years later her mom got an unexpected message

Jacqueline Hernandez was kidnapped in 2007 and until 2021 no one knows anything about her.
During this time she never saw her mom and lived with her father, who kidnapped her.

The police and her mom named Angelica looked for her but never found her. Some years later the girl called her mom on her own.
Angelice got a message from the girl who told that she is in Mexico. She wanted to meet her.

The woman called the police and they together went to the border with Mexico to make sure if that was her daughter.
Luckily, this story ended happily. And they met after 14 years of separation.

No one knows why she contacted her mother now and how she lived during these years.
And the police will soon find and arrest her father.

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