The girl wanted to have Corgi but instead she got something else

The girl named Savannah wanted to adopt a dog. And she found a dog called Noah. Its owners could any longer look after him.

The girl thought it was an ordinary corgi and the owner who gave the dog to the girl did not say that it was an Australian Shepherd. And that he will spoon truen to be a big dog.

The girl was shocked but did not get rid of the dog. And now they are inseparable. Now they do everything together.

His weight and height are not usual.
Now Noah weighs about 25 kilograms.

But he is charming and if you forget about the size he is an ordinary corgi. And his eyes did not prevent him from being loved by hsi new owners.

Moreover, many people want to take a picture with him.
Noah loves being cuddled with the girl.

He wants affection.

Savannah loves the dog so much that she started to paint his portraits. Moreover, she does not imagine her life without Noah.

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