The girl thought that the shelter dog was been put to sleep but she was wrong

This lovely dog called Rosie was sent to sleep but fortunately, the story ended happily.
Toni was looking for dogs and her children saw an adverb about Rosie.

It’s written there that she will not be adopted and she will be put to sleep soon.
The children started to cry after reading this.

They did not want the dog to die.
And later they could not find the post and thought that Rosie was already dead.

But the parents did not tell their children that they already adopted the dog. They wanted to surprise them.
The girls were the happiest to see Rosie.

They were crying in happiness for about 45 mins.
If the family did not adopt her she would soon die. But luckily, she is safe now and will live with her new family.

Rosie became an important member of their family and no one imagined their life without her anymore.
Rosie is always with the girl, she even does their homework with them. The family also has another lovely dog named Ziggy.

And the dogs are best friends.
Thanks to the family the story ended happily.

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