The girl thought that she took the puppy to a friend but it was a present for her. She was the happiest when she knew about it

The parents surprised the girl by giving her a gift that she always dreamt about. She dreamt about it for about 2 years.
They did everything so that the girl could not even think that it was her gift.

The 10 years old girl named Char did not even know that the dog belonged to her.
Char together with her mom always looked after other people’s dogs.

So, this time she thought that they took the puppy as a gift for others.
When she thought it was her pet she could not hide her tears.

She always dreamt about it and wanted a gift for her birthday.
Soon the parents told her that they would not give the puppy to anyone and that was a present for her.

This was the best surprise for her. No one could explain her emotions at that time.
So, she named it Jessie in favor of her favorite toy.

The daughter was thankful to her parents for such a gift that made her dream come true.

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