The girl saw a dog that was staring at the sea

The girl was walking on the beach with her family when saw a dog who was sitting and looking at the sea.
Later, it became obvious that the animal did it for a reason.

The resident called Josie Mejia shared this story. The family visited a seaside community that was close to their home. So, they met a dog there.
The dog sat there and looked at the water.

But it was not abandoned and was clean.
‘I thought that he was waiting for its owners’ said the girl. But no one came.

Josie did not know what to do for the animal so she asked the locals for help. It turned out that everyone in the area knows and loves the animal.

And one of them told a story and it became obvious that she was sitting there.
The owner of the animal was a fisherman and passed away last year.

So, the dog comes there and looks at the sea. He was waiting for his owner to come from fishing.
The dog was surrounded with love and care by the locals.

But he could not stop waiting for his owner.
Such an emotional story.

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