The girl refused to be a bridesmaid at the last moment

The girl should be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding.
Everything was going well until the moment she understood that spent lots of money on the needs of her friend.

So, she refused to be a bridesmaid at the last moment as her friend demanded to pay for the entrance.
Traditionally, bridesmaids have some roles in expenses but not this much.

The bride was a good manipulator and the bridesmaid did not realize when she paid money for the dress and other things. She also paid for the design and makeup.
So, she was upset when she calculated the expenses.

She spent more than 4 thousand dollars when it was not her wedding.
And when the bride told her that she should pay for the entrance Lauren decided not to come to the wedding.

She also stopped communicating with her.
The bride did not understand how she offended Lauren.

But she could analyze her actions and apologize to her friend.

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