The girl made repairs in the old apartment. Now it’s a cozy and stylish home

Repair is always troublesome and costly, especially if it is cosmetic repairs. But, today’s heroine Natalya Chuvinova was not at all afraid of difficulties and she made a beautiful and stylish home out of an old apartment.

The girl immediately decided that it would be a Scandinavian style. The apartment will be bright, it will have a lot of white and very few bright accents, and there should be modern and stylish minimalism.

Since the old walls and floor were not severely damaged, Natalya painted them white and made black and white elements and a black front door as accents.

And the brightest place in the girl’s apartment was the balcony, on which she placed her succulent plants, installed an ottoman with pillows, and hung lanterns. Natalya covered the balcony itself with a net, as she has cats who simply love to sleep there.

The girl moved the furniture from her former apartment. Only the kitchen and part of the plumbing have been completely renovated.
Well, in my opinion, Natalia managed to turn her idea into reality – an apartment in the Scandinavian style. Do you like it, dear readers? Share your opinion in the comments.

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