The girl is only 10 years but she already saved many wild animals

Many kind people devote their lives to helping wild animals.
This 10 year old girl named Izzy Bee saw how her parents raised koalas from childhood.

Her parents could not be indifferent to the animals who were suffering and took them home. They looked after the cubs and fed them. And when they grow up they release the koalas into the wild.

The girl grew up in such an environment and started to care for them at such an age. Now she looks after baby Kirky.

The girl always hugged him and tried to replace her mom. After some time the koala started to feel better.

Parents were so proud of having such a caring daughter.
The girl also became famous and was filmed on one of the animal channels and the heroes were people who look after animals.

Izzy’s mother was a veterinarian so she knows how to treat cubs.
They raise animals and it’s hard for them to part away with them.

The parents also built a small hotel for them and raised animals.
Nice job.

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