The girl endangered her life to save the kitten

Anna never imagined that someday she would endanger her life to save someone else’s.
Once, when she went for a manicure she saw a little cat who tried to hide in the shelter.

At that moment when she wanted to approach the baby, a garbage truck appeared and blocked the road.

The driver started to yell and the baby was scared of loud noises.
And it ran under the truck. The girl came closer and saw the baby sitting under the wheels.

When the driver wanted to move Anna understood that the baby would be crushed.
So, she could not allow that to happen.

She grabbed the baby and took it from the car. The driver again yelled at her and called her insane.
The girl endangered her life to do so and her heart was beating so fast.

But thanks to her brave act the baby survived.

After this, she understood that she could not leave the animal on the street and leave. She took her home and after a year, the baby turned into a cute baby.

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