The girl climbed to a tree and stayed there for 2 years

People believed that the girl would go down soon but they were mistaken. So, the woman named Julia Hill spent 2 years in the tree and her story spread widely.

The woman was protesting against cutting down forests. The tree was about 500 years old and they wanted to cut it down. Also, it reached up to 60 meters.

Julia could not allow this to happen. So, she climbed to the top of the tree.
She kept contact with the world through her group.

They provided her with food and everything needed. But she had to cope with many difficulties. She spent cold days up to the tree.

So, she did not allow anyone to attack the tree.
The whole country soon learned about this story.

Cutting this tree down was almost impossible.
So, the woman not only saved this tree but also the others.

The girl spent almost 2 years but she reached her goal.
She is fully dedicated to protecting nature.
Great job!

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