The Ginger cat Bob changed this man’s life forever

On an ordinary evening, the man called James returns his house and finds a ginger cat in it. He assumed the cat belongs to one of the neighbors, so he just got it out and left him outside. Regardless, the cat kept returning every day.

After examining the animal, it turned out the poor fluff had his paw injured. He also didn’t have any collars that would hint at an owner.

So, James decided to take care of the cat himself. Soon after, he named the animal Bob, after a character from the series Twin Peaks.

It is known that cats are very picky animals. If they don’t like the owner they might just leave them and never get back.

Though all the difficulties in his life, James found some strength within himself to cure the cat’s paw and take care of him.

Interestingly enough, after healing Bob didn’t walk away but decided to join James on his musical tours in the nearby park. Bob always sat calmly on James’ shoulder while the poor musician performed.

Thanks to the adorable cat, more people got interested in James concerts. The audience found a pair to be an incredible one and came to see them.

Later James gained more and more popularity and was interviewed by many local newspapers. He even wrote a book about his meeting with Bob which was later translated into many languages.

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