The friendship between a boy with Down syndrome and the dog amazed everyone

Many people avoid children who had Down syndrome and could not accept them.
But animals are a completely different world.

Anna’s son named Hernan was so special and different from others. The mother managed to capture an amazing moment of communication among her son and a big dog called Himalaya.

The animal was so careful with the boy and thought that something could scare the boy. At first the dog put his paw on Hernan’s shoulder and tried to calm and show his patronage.

The child wanted to separate himself from the dog at first but then started to react to her calmly and trusted her.
Hernan avoided everyone and did not want any physical contact with someone. The boy did not like being touched.

But the dog was so patient that the baby agreed to befriend her, tells the mother of the boy.
The mother also filmed a video of the friends and called it “God does not make mistakes,”.

Such children are a gift from God not a mistake.
Everything happens for a reason, said the mother.

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